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HFP is the master distributor for a few craft farms in California and Oregon. We offer a wide variety of top shelf flower with exclusive genetics and rigorous quality control standards. Each bag is double screened over a half inch grid to ensure your order arrives tight to ensure your business a reliable and consistent supply. 


Our proprietary cryo-infusion process completely saturates the flower while enhancing the appearance. The end result is a natural look using a solventless process. 

Flower Evaluation Standards

Flower is very subjective and there are many variables to consider. Some elements deemed by one buyer may differ from that of another. For instance, a buyer may want purple which is viewed as exotic and another may want bright green coloration. A buyer may want large chunky buds while another wants smaller, tight nugs. Our grading matrix considers all these variables and weighs them accordingly into the overall final grade of A, AA or AAA based upon overall desirability. The grade dictates the price of that particular flower. We created this simplified system to best describe each flower in a transparent manner so you can make the appropriate selections based upon your needs.

These are the 5 categories we consider when establishing the grade of flower:

Test Results

Brighter green and more exotic purple tones are most desirable.


Brighter green and more exotic purple tones are most desirable.

Structure and Trim

The density and shape of the buds including quality of trim. 


Our flower has a distinct terpene aroma, some louder than others.

Seed Count

We estimate the potential amount of seeds per 1lb bag