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Delta 8 Pre-Rolls (100 ct)

Delta 8 Pre-Rolls (100 ct)

$180.00 - $325.00

Our team has created effective blends using multiple extracts and applications to develop unique pre-roll options. The pre-rolls we make combine various distillates, full flower blends and cannabinoid types to provide a full spectrum experience. 

We white label our COA with your brand name included in your purchase. Select your strain and package option below. 

Special Blend ∆8: Potent, Relaxed
Super Sour Space Candy ∆8 w/ CBG Kief: Balanced, Relaxed
Lifter ∆8 w/ CBG Kief: Uplifted, Relaxed

Full Spectrum Experience

Effective Blends

Unique Options

Made in USA


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